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Suggestion: Seelah's Inspired Grace "Dragging"

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I like to play this game when I am going to bed, and tend to play with a single hand. Everything in the game can be done with clicking, EXCEPT using Seelah's Inspired Grace, which requires actual dragging of the card from the deck to the discard. This should be done through a series of clicks just like everything else, and changing it to do so will also improve the experience of those with less than good hand eye coordination.


A simple way to do this would just expand the card from the deck to the center, like when you click a card in your hand, but keep it face down, and put the discard button there. The code base should already be there and this would be a simple add to improve the experience for me and I'm sure quite a few other players.

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Yes, please. Since way back in beta, users have been asking for all things buttoned and draggable.

If you can drag it, you can click a button. And if there is a button, it can also be drug.

It's time we throw off these draggin overlords and have buttons for all.


In other words, I agree with the OP.

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I was frustrated with this too.  I couldn't figure out how to do something because the button didn't show up at all.  It wasn't until a poster pointed out that you can drag cards to where they need to be (center for revealing, right for recharging, left for discarding, etc.) that I figured it out.  Sometimes the card or situation is "broken" and the button that might normally be there, isn't...

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