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Consider this sequence of events:


1. Char A: Starts casting an accuracy buff

2. Char B: Starts casting a spell

3. Char A: Accuracy buff fires

4. Char B: Spell fires


For character B's spell, is the accuracy for the attack evaluated when he starts to cast the spell at point 2, or when the spell fires at point 4?  I'm going to guess point 4, but that's purely speculation on my part.


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5. Char B: Spell impacts 


Attacks (magical or otherwise) determine their damage and hit roll on impact. Thus, if my Wizard gets hit by an accuracy buff (or debuff) with a Fireball in mid air, this will affect the attack rolls when the Fireball explodes. Which for a spell like Fireball is admittedly a fairly small window, but it can certainly matter for intermittant effects like Chill Fog or Ray of Fire, or slow-moving projectiles like Rolling Flame.

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