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Whispers in the Dark question

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After you kill the Radiant Spore, do all the enemies in the area clear? I've got to it finally and rested, but I have no more camping supplies after this so I don't want to be having to clear out anymore insanely hard Vithracks afterwards (which I presume I wouldn't, because of the mind control and all).


Maybe there's camping supplies elsewhere on the level, but if there is I haven't found them and as far as I know there's no way to go back to Stalwart. I'm level 16, so barring some additional items I'm about as good as I'll get defensively - doing this fight PotD solo turns out to be extremely masochistic. I'm sure I'll get there but it's going to take me many retries, and afterwards I don't want to be faced with an entire level to clear out. I have kept saves from before, so if push comes to shove I can return from before I entered the level.


EDIT: Never mind, I defeated the spore and found out that you can then explore the area freely and the remaining Vithracks are non-hostile. I used the tactic most people do of hugging the right wall so only one tendril can get at you and keeping my fortitude save up with scrolls of defence and whatever food I could get my hand on. Being a Chanter I killed all the sporelings with Dragon Thrashed and then spammed Hearts Grew Bold while remaining in that corner and systematically taking out the tendrils with Instruments of Death - usually the summon would last until I had enough chants stored to produce the next one. Once you take out that first tendril that can hit you, you should be relatively safe.

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I didn't think of hugging the right wall, that's a good trick. I used my rangers to keep the sporelings out of the fight (Tangling Roots is an awesome high-level power, by the way) and just focused on each tendril after the other. I probably had scrolls of defense against whichever mental attacks the Radiant Spore used.

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I quickly realised that with good positioning only one or two would hit you, however what I didn't realise and found through a quick search was that the fight could actually be initiated by snaking up the right wall (I was approaching from the front). When you're in this position as I mentioned only one of the tendrils can throw stuff at you so you don't have to chance that opening barrage by approaching them from the front (my fortitude was in the 140-150 region, and I was taking some heavy hits).

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