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I thought I'd make a thread where a dedicated class build isn't necessary, either because it's a short sketch of an idea or because it's contingent on additional party members in the first place. These should be all proven concepts (as in you've tested them) but they don't have to have been played through. Quite possibly if you've noticed a quirk in the mechanics building an entire party around it and giving it a solid playthrough is a little excessive in terms of your own enjoyment.


So anyway, playing a Chanter something I've noticed (which I think Boereor may have picked up on before, he's definitely mentioned testing it) is that while you can't chant while paralysed, petrified or stunned - you can chant while prone. With a Ring of Thorns (or other Preservation item) and Ilfan Byrngar's Solace say hello to +100 defences, while still chanting. Obviously party support is good here (Fighter/Ranger Pet Knock Down, Calling the World's Maw, arbalest crits, etc.) but you're effectively making an immortal character who you can put wherever you like on the field of play and have them put out solid damage with the Dragon Thrashed. All in all, it's very nice - and great at dealing with prone inflicting dragons.


If anyone has likeminded either character or party ideas, then this is a place for them.

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Do both, you can't keep someone withdrawn forever and when it drops you're not going to have the +100 defenses (which can form a nice blockage with the right positioning) - plus prone enemies will eventually be able to stand back up and use a powerful invocation. Besides, not everyone wants to have a Priest on their team.


As I said this is just a place for spitballing ideas, adding to an existing idea is fine but I'd rather steer clear of total naysaying.

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I'd like to see ideas for unsual MC builds with good mental stats :) . Something that jumps to my head is a CC wizard (6-6-15-18-18-19 or so...) or a riposte rouge (10-15-3-18-18-18 or so...). Dunno... Ideas guys?

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