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Skeleton Horde barrier triggers close location



Ok it has happenned too many times, but i haven't seen it reported. Only noticed since my characters got over 30, not sure exactly when as i now have 16 at or close to 40. But i am noticing that some times encountering the Skeleton horde barrier triggers the close location event for the character that triggered the barrier. I cannot be certain but it feels like it is more frequent with Kyra. This Kyra is 37 at the moment. Has anyone else noticed? First couple of times I noticed it felt like cheating but didn't bother me too much. But it now definitely feels like cheating. Not too sure what else to report. Galaxy tab a running marshmallow. It has definitely happened today at Junk Beach and Village House, both with different versions of Kyra lvl 37-40

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Just happened to Ezren in Thassalonian Dungeon, so its not just Kyra's luck. Skeleton Horde Barrier encounter. Happens after all characters have encountered the skeleton and succeeded

Galaxy Tab A running marshmallow

3 in party Kyra, Ezren, Merisiel... Lvl 39

Normal difficulty

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