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New ideas for Daily Challenges

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I'm pretty sure the creative minds at Obsidian can come up with these, but if they ever need ideas for the Daily Challenges (that are starting to repeat themselves), here are a few of them:


- Recharge 20 cards

- Open 5 cache barriers

- Defeat 15 undead monsters

- Defeat 15 goblin monsters

- Pass 10 tests to close locations without using blessings

- Acquire 10 specific boons (allies/weapons/blessings/etc)

- Use 10 potions (and/or flasks, or consumables)

- Defeat 10 monsters with no use of weapons or spells

- Beat 20 checks using no die larger than a d6

- Beat 15 checks using only 1 die

- Beat 10 checks using only d4s

- Roll 6 or more dice 10 times

- Use 5 spells with non-spellcasting characters

- Discard 15 weapons for the extra dice

- Pass 10 Constitution or Fortitude checks

- Play 15 non-attack spells

- Pass 20 cards to other characters

- Beat 3 scenarios with different soloing characters

- Use 5 different locations' closing powers

- Deal elemental (fire, cold, lightning, etc) damage 20 times


Hope that helps... ;-)



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Great ideas mate!

Anyway pay attention to what you wish...

10 tests to close locations without blessings requires full built characters and large party (newbies can't)

Find and use 10 potions can be very very long (only drunken Sejan can recycle them)

Pass 20 cards to other characters requires 20 turns with multiple characters at the same location (and if swapped cards have to be reset in right character deck at the end of scenario, that is tough)

Deal elemental damage different from fire 20 times requires specific cards and can be impossible or very long for most.


If you divide all the numbers of repetitions you wrote by 3, I'll subscribe your request! :)

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I wouldn't mind a few one off daily quests that require a bit of setup, like "Deal 50 damage to a villain" or "Defeat 10 bandits (or ancient skeletons) in a single mission". Some of the current dailies can't be done by newbies like "Clear Approach to Thistletop using only Ezren" (I as a newb had just bought Ezren and was thrilled to try and get newbie Ezren through Approach to Thistletop on his lonesome... didn't work).

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I definitely don't think that all the challenges have to be tailored to newbies (and clearly the devs don't either, as referenced by Cheem above) but it would be nice for there to be multiple dailies available at a time and for them to last longer than just a day.  Perhaps a 3 day timer would be good.  And yes, I realize they are called "daily" challenges.

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