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IE-Mod: XP-Table with White March I + II?

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Hey guys,


since IE mod now appears to be available for 3.xx, I'm considering restarting the game using the XP-table nerf.


I have done pretty much all content apart from White March part II on my current playthrough and now have a level 15 party, so there's only one more level to advance left. I find the prospect of playing a large part of the second expansion at max-level somewhat boring.


Also, the game was / is pretty is pretty easy with such a high-level party on PotD, even with high-level scaling activated. Would you guys recommend restarting with the XP-nerf? I have not touched any content of WM part II yet, and do not want to spoil it by being too high-level.


Has anyone used a nerfed XP-table with both expansions? Would your recommend 25% or 50% (sounds like it is a little too much)?

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