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I try to continue my game from last saved file. I'm in Breith Eaman, it seems, and can't find my way out. I looked at walkthroughs and don't see my predicament, so I don't know if I'm where I need to be to start The White March, but I don't want to start a new game. Anyone have any idea what my problem might be?

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You will receive a letter from your steward in Caed Nua that opens the quest line for WM. But it will be too easy for you at first because WM is meant to be played during the main campain. It's not a separate game like in BG or so. It's nicely embedded into the main game and you can go back and forth as you like. A good entering level is 8 or 9. I started a new game for it but of course you can do it with your high lvl. party as well.

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