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  1. How do I start The White March? I'm getting no direction. Nothing is showing I'm in the expansion.
  2. I try to continue my game from last saved file. I'm in Breith Eaman, it seems, and can't find my way out. I looked at walkthroughs and don't see my predicament, so I don't know if I'm where I need to be to start The White March, but I don't want to start a new game. Anyone have any idea what my problem might be?
  3. I think he did that becase he became frustrated. but not sure You are correct. I chose a trainer so I could play a game I paid $50 for. Don't misunderstand, combat is simple enough, but there is a steep learning curve for a game that has no instructions, and my time is too limited to waste it when there could at least be some basic instructions. I will enjoy the story now and learn gradually without all the frustration.
  4. You need to unlock them first. Once unlocked it will equip itself. You van activate them with the corresponding button. I have ps3 version, ( Triangle or circle). I have unlocked at least three abilities. I think one is healing, though, or defense. If they auto equip, I will play awhile longer to see if more equip. Thanks.
  5. How do you equip your 2nd and 3rd abilities, or do you? I have three circles above my avatar and only the first one has an ability in it. I did find out about the orbs beneath.
  6. I agree with tx3000, this game seriously lack documentation. I've NEVER played a game that didn't have some basic instructions. I figured out most of stuff by myself, but I didn't know about the keys until I saw the Steampowered pdf. I still don't know how to equip my abilities. I have one equiped so I keep spamming that. I just gave up and picked up a trainer.
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