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Another thing that makes a huge difference for keeping a Monk, or any character, upright is team synergy. I value durability, I'd rather have a team that all stays vertical and kills the enemy slower than to have flashy cannon builds which can annihilate quickly but also go down quick if targeted.


With your Monk get a Chanter, Kana works well, and have him take the two regen abilities first. This gets you passive regen to the whole team. Also the fear chant lowers the accuracy of the enemy which will also reduce incoming damage.


Get a Paladin and run Zealous Endurance. The DR gets suppressed by alcohol but there is not enough alcohol in the game to keep the entire team drunk for every fight so I still take it. The DR is great at low levels but the hit>graze is useful for everything including status effects. Someone else, like the Chanter, can run Gallant's Focus. It is 2 points less accuracy and does not have the hit to crit conversion but does a good enough job unless you will have two Paladins on the team.


Another suggestion is take Veteran's Recovery at level 2. Regen powered by a high Might and at least a not dumped Intellect is huge at the start.


Combine all of the above and your team will be like Wolverine. Passive Regen is a lot easier to use than active heals, but still take Lay on Hands as its the best single target heal that is also twice per encounter.

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Yeah, I should note that when it comes to my experiences with a monk, it's almost always with Zealous Endurance from a Paladin (Palegina), and ancient memory from a chanter (I don't take the upgrade to ancient memory since they turn off if you use an invocation, or so I've heard)

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