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Possibility to disable auto ability switch for added dices



Hi guys, I sometimes get an auto-switch to some other ability different from the main character ability while adding dices from other characters to help his roll. It doesn't always happens, but I never really used it, switching back to base character ability (normally with better base value and better dice type).


Could you think to disable that occasional switch for rolls while adding dices? I forgot to get a screenshot this time sorry, next time that it occurs I ll remember that :)


Thanks in advance guys

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I've had problems with this as well. Usually it is from situations where the game is trying to predict best odds or when you are getting the most added dice.


For example in a situation where you can use Dexterity or Wisdom to overcome a bane, if you use a blessing that gives two dice for Wisdom checks it will switch it over to Wisdom instead of Dexterity. Even if in that example we are using Merisiel and that changes the check from 2d12+ to just 3d6. Not always the optimal change, but because the top card of the blessing discard was the blessing of Shelyn, the Blessing of the Gods triggers the extra bonus on Wisdom.


I've also had problems where trying to switch it back causes some sort of bug where you only end up rolling the base die. It undoes the discard, but I've been burned a few times in cases where I didn't end up getting the bonuses I wanted because the bonuses I tried playing from other characters didn't end up applying correctly...

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