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Afaik it doesn't work vs. Aoes.

So no Dragon breath reflect but it works vs Cleansing Flame I think it is what Thaos uses.

So if your reflex defense is high enough to only get grazed by him it will reflect.

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It will turn every targeted ranged graze into a miss and reflects the missile or spell onto the attacker (it basically has a 100% graze to miss conversion against ranged attacks). As a rule of thumb it works against any ranged attack that targets you directly. By directly I mean spells where you have to click on an enemy and not on the floor. So... all AoE effects like Fireball and such won't get reflected, but things like Cleansing Flame, Mind Blades, Necrotic Lance and so on will. This shield makes fights against Lagufaeth a joke if your defenses are high enough. They will all paralyze themselves with their blowpipes. Brood Mothers also use Cleaning Flame and it's really nice if they pulverize themselves with it. It also works against druids' Stag's Horn. So against Ogre Druids and also Ogre Cannoneers it's also nice to have. It's the best shield for certain encounters. In melee it's just a rel. normal small shield though.

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Yes but in solo it double his worthess, sice everyone tagets you anyway, and you can position in way that only 2-3 melee mobs attack you but all the ranged Sting pretty bad. Autokill wizard with that is awesome, concelhaut one time killed himself while trying to shot missiles at me, also the final boss suicided with a cleaning flame.

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The Cleansing flame Thaos uses is strong enough it would probably kill him if it reflected and hit him.  I think on PotD+High level scaling his cleansing flame was doing around 300-400 damage.  If reflected attacks have to make a hit roll though it would probably miss if you hadn't yet used arcane dampener or some other ability to negate his defenses.


He goes down pretty fast once you hit with arcane dampener anyways, it would just be fun if you could get him to kill himself somehow....

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