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Crash at Shadow Clock



Quest, Legendary, If defeat a monster with Goblin trait each character at location is dealt 1 fire damage, Retaliation, Darkest Night


Party: Erzen, Lem, Seoni, Val, Seelah


Lem is at Shadow Clock. He failed Ambush check (so Dice: -1) and won against Goblin Raider.  There is just one card in his hand: Holy Light.  He is prompted Damage: Discard 1 for the fire damage.


Every time I drag that card to the discard pile and press triangle on the right to move on, the app pauses for a second and then exits to the OS screen.  Pathfinder is still running in the background, when I switch to it, I get the Unity screen and and login successful message.


I have tried going into the vault and coming back out but that doesn't help.


Any suggestions before I forfeit?  I was winning the scenario and don't want to forfeit.

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