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I'm unsure if this is a bug, or a misunderstanding on my part about game mechanics.  Game version 3.03.

​A few times I've tried using traps.  I can set them fine, and I see the green circle on the ground for their trigger radius.  However, enemies will happily walk right over them without setting the trap off.  I have a screenshot of two trolls standing right on top of my trap circle without triggering it.  I can go collect it again after the fight and it seems none the worse for wear - it just doesn't go off.

​Is there some probability involved here, such as perhaps enemies can avoid triggering traps they walk over, or should it always be going off?

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Hmm, might be a bug. It should be just a matter of setting them and having an enemy walk over them. There's some margin there though, they can skate past it without triggering. There does need to be enough overlap for it to trigger; I just tested it a bit, I get the impression that the center of the enemy's selection circle has to hit the trap area (or maybe they have to hit the center of the trap area, but I think it's about their own center point). In the attached example, the trap didn't trigger. If I had the troll walk directly over the trap, it did trigger. Assuming that it's indeed the enemy's center point, that would also explain why it is more noticable for large enemies like trolls. I'll see if I can dig up the exact details from the code later.


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Thanks - it certainly might be something like that.  Bit hard to tell exactly - here's my screenshot of this.  I have two traps set.  The front troll is clearly missing both trigger areas with his center, so that explains him.  The rear troll is currently charmed, so he wouldn't be setting the right-most trap off due to his allegiance switching.  However, I thought he was standing there before I charmed him, too.

​I think I'll chalk it up to the selection-center intersection test, and avoid making a bug report for it.   Seems like the most likely explanation.


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It does seem like that, those trolls are big basterds so the charm might well have hit just a bit before its center bit entered the trap area. Anyway, just to be sure you could test out a trap in a random inn, but I'm fairly sure it's just a matter of the trolls not entering far enough into the trap in this case; can't imagine it being trap- or troll-specific, or a bug specific to your installation of the game. As you saw, when I went troll-trapping there was a fair amount of leeway. And to a degree that makes sense as well, really; especially for AOE traps you wouldn't want them to trigger too early anyway. 

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