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More than 1 free treasure chest? Confused

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A little curious (and confused) about treasure chests. After reaching 6 k gold (highest number held to date)  - I got my second free treasure chest . I wasn't aware that there were any of these apart from the one you get when first starting the game? Or was this related to me starting a party of all fresh new adventurers (character add on pack) - I'm not positive I got the chest before of after the purchase (or if it was after the first adventure - which I failed incidentally).


Tried searching the forums and googling, but haven't seen anything that fits the above situation. Anyone know? Is there a random drop rate, which I haven't noticed (probably very small in that case) - or was this triggered by something / or even possibly a bug?


I'm an mostly F2P player since launch - bought 2 daily gold runs, purchased all of the released adventures with earned gold, 1 extra party member - and the character pack when it went on sale. If there's any helpful background there.

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