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XP with the new patch



I started playing tonight after installing the patch. The first Quest I was on I beat and gained XP normally. The second quest with the same party I ran out of time. I expected the familiar going to the card screen, resetting decks & going at it again. To my surprise I gained XP pushing 3 of 4 characters from 11 to 12 gaining a skill feat. The game jumped to resetting the decks. I played a third game thinking since I didn't beat the previous quest it makes sense I didn't get the skill feat. I beat my third quest. Still no skill feat. My fourth character is far enough back in XP she didn't advance to 12th level.


What are the conditions to get the feats? Are the characters supposed to get them after beating the next quest after they are supposed to advance?


I'm posting here in case this is a glitch. If it isn't, then please post in the appropriate forum.

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