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Sajan's Reload

Saint Ajora


I was so glad to know that the bug concerning Sajan's Reload was corrected that I could not wait until I tested it, so after updating the game, I started a quest with my Tier 4 party (all of them,  including the monk, are Lvl 40) and when I discarded the weapon and had the same problem once again. I began to investigate about the issue in Sajan's character sheet and found out that he had lost the Reload ability after the patch update. 


There is a solution for that?

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Your character has lost one power really? .. Have you any data backup of Quest mode before he reached level 40?

Yes, Reload was the first power feat I got after i chose Zen Archer as his role. I don't know about the data backup, but I still play with him, if it is relevant to the question.

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