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Return to the past and return to life... issues



Hi guys,

a week ago I completed the adventures with all my characters to unlock everything possible at the moment.

I had a second party in Story mode of course and after completing scenario 2.5 (I have already completed adventure 3, so that was the last), I removed the party.

Before that I also used some secondary characters, then deleted, with different equipment and build.


So, yesterday, after some days, I started the game again and:

- the deleted party was still there

- the current mission for the returned party was ... 2.5 turn 27 (!!)

- my last characters still miss the AD2 completion rewards and last deck management I did (!!!)

- all the characters I had ever deleted in Story mode was still there (!!!!)


It was quite surprising and annoying and funny at the same time, cause now I have some useful duplicated cards I can manage :) (ehi you, stay far from my account and never think about that again!!), but I also think that the data storage procedures have some serious problems.


Also the lock on the characters portrait in the party management is quite 'volatile'.. but I can't say more about that, sorry guys :)

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After the most recent update, I had an issue with the game reverting my Quest Mode characters to a previous save point.  Valeros had died in the last scenario I had played, but when I did the update, then went back to Quest Mode, Val was alive with all of his deck restored.  I wonder if others have had this problem.

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If you go back in time, it is most propably game Center / google play account Connection issue. You lose Connection and advancement is not registered. But because advancement is Also stored locally, it is somewhat strange. Do you play with different devices, using the same account. That would Also explaing the last part.

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Yes, that could be connected too.

Correct me in case, but if I remember well the data upload for offline playtime in Story mode is just postponed to the first online occurrence. And normally in conflict case in the cloud the younger one 'wins' over the older one. So if the most recent data was on the device, I could expect that at sync time it overrides the cloud. But this is just a general concept, I have no idea about the architecture devs used for that. I m sure I was still getting gold earned messages (ex. closing location, winning scenario) and I also bought a couple of chests in the end, so I don't know what happened.


Also the notable thing is that some very old characters revived, because they didn't exist when I completed that adventure the first time.


It seems to me that there are multiple 'screenshot' of the data that persist in time and sometimes they switch back (or get 'fused' together).

I have already seen one 'revival' or two in the past after some deletions, but I used the fast practical approach there, deleting them again :)

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