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Ultimate unlocked

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I believe my stats at the beginning were:


Str: 17 + 1 Living Land

Con: 14 +1 boots

Dex: 10

Per: 15 +1 helm (+5 acc gloves)

Int: 3

Resolve: 19 +1 helm


Gear: Act 1

Weapon: Gauns Mace

Shield: Outworn Buckler

Helm: Forget the name but the one from the Temple

Chest: Plate Mail (from npc backer)

Ring: Ring of Deflection

Boots: Forget the name but the ones in black meadows

Cloak: Rymgards mantle

Gloves: Gloves of Accuracy

Ring: Ring of Protection

Belt: Blunting Belt


Act 2

Helm: Same

Cloak: +3 Dex from Deomals Faction

Ring: Upgraded to +9

Boots: Booty of Study (+30 to prone)

Chest: Plate Sanguine

Gloves: Same

Ring: Upgraded to +9

Belt: Same/Natures Embark when needed/ till i could clear spiders in dyrwood quest to kill Ogre. Enter the cave going up and exit to the left, spawns on certain day.

Weapon: Same, would switch to the stiletto from endless path 1 when needed (Cail the Drake)


Act 3: Sames as above until i went to white march


White March:


Helm: Chorus Chord

Chest: He Wears many scares ( i had +2 Int recommend +2 perc)

Ring: Ring of Protection

Boots: Sandals +4 Dex 

Cloak: +12 Def

Gloves: Gloves of Swift Action (i run +15% action speed from 5 points to dex would switch those 5 points to perc for interrupt)

Ring: +10 to spell def

Belt: Clarity Belt

Weapon: Drawn in Spring ( Wounding weapons are the best and draining is no longer needed after act 2)

Sheild: Little Savior/Acia Bracia


Abilities :

Lay on Hands

Zealous Focus

Sworn Enemy

Fan of Flames

Righteous Soul

Zealous Charge

Sacred Immolation

Deprive the Unworthy



Weapon and Shield

Weapon Focus

Super Deflection

+10 to Will

+10 reflex

Deep Pocket

Deep Faith

+10 Fort


That's what i suggest for the entirety of the game. I did respec and tried 2 handed with tidefall on my no ToI. i found that some fights were easily done but others could have ended badly. Took way to much dmg, unless chained potions. I also switched the 5 points in perc to dex. and picked up 2h style.


At the Beginning of Act 3 i respec my stats to:


Str:16 + 1



Perc: 10

Int: 3 

Resolve: 19


White March


Str: 17 + 1

Con: 18

Dex: 11

Per: 9

Int: 3

Res: 19 


All major boss fights i keep the same abilities 

For talents i kept the same but didnt take the + to will and would take the +10 to prone and take out deep faith for +10 to stunned attacks


For stats i would 


Str: 14 or 15

Con: 18

Dex: 6

Per: 20

Int: 3

Res: 19


I would also eat the food for +25 to ground attacks on the llegrath fight

I would also eat the immunity to frightened food against dragons 

2 slots for health Potions

1 for War Flask

1 For the +25 def and relf

1 for 50% attack speed

1 for Vital Essence (Low health Drink one take a pot and health stay higher when wears off, might be a bug)


For Thaos i max perc and con

took points out of res think it was 12

str was 14 or 15

and dex was 18 believe

the vessels and him fell over dead in about 3 mins. 

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