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White Forge Choice (WM1)

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I binded them to cannons with an assumption that this place would need protection from the greedy, the power-hungry and the crazy. I didn't see any impact of my decision, though. Perhaps it improves the cannons barrage ability you receive at the end of the expansion, but I never used it so I don't know. Well, I suppose I would free them knowing that it didn't matter in any way.

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There is crazy thing on WM2 if you release dwarven souls :) I was watching it with my mind blown. That was fantastic!


In my second playthrough I bound souls with cannons but I didn't see any impact. 

I released them on my only playthroug so far and never saw the outcome of that choice. What was that crazy thing?

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Dwarven souls save you if you choose to destroy crystal by yourself. Diving helmet or good statistics (like high consitution) have always priority and can't let you see this. 

Oh.. I see.. So the consequences of one of the rare 'good' choices my bleak walker did got suppressed by a Diving helmet? Strange design desicion. :facepalm:

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