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Skinsaw Man's increase of difficulty only triggers after combat



I encountered the Skinsaw Man while alone at the location, but the roll to increase difficulty was only made after I successfully completed both checks and did nothing (the number 4 came up, then disappeared as normal, and the location deck was banished without any further checks).


  • Android
  • Android 6
  • Nexus 9
  • No pass and play, no permadeath
  • Story mode, Foul Misgivings
  • Rogue, in location Warrens
  • Normal difficulty
  • Many other characters aided the two checks, the Skinsaw Man was encountered on a second exploration, using an Ally card
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Hey Soothsilver,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have written up a report, but if there is any additional information you could provide, that would be great. Who else was in your party? How card/abilities did they used to assist you in the roll? Do you happen to have a screenshot? 



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