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How to play The White March without a pre-endgame save ?



Hello !


I'm back in Pillars of Eternity and I would like to buy and play the expansion : The White March.

Unfortunatly, I don't have any pre-endgame saves before jumping in the pit at the end.... Futhermore, I won't give-up my beloved main character along his companions.


So, is there a way in August 2016, to play The White March without a pre-endgame save ?

I tried with the console and F11 key to teleport anywhere but it disable the stronghold (it says it's unavailable even in Caed Nua).





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After you teleport reopen your console

Type ActivateStronghold to reactivate your stronghold


From this post:



*Casts Nature's Terror* :aiee: , *Casts Firebug* :fdevil: , *Casts Rot-Skulls* :skull: , *Casts Garden of Life* :luck: *Spirit-shifts to cat form* :cat:

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