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Receiving 0 gold



Playing on an IPAD, ios 9.3.3.


Internet's working fine, says I'm logged onto gamecenter (tho I'm not seeing the pop-up). Gamecenter ID is RoomForPlay.


The problem is the last two games I played (and won), I received 0 gold at the end of each, instead of the 150 (x2) I should have. There's no daily cap or anything, right? And you can still get gold for adventures you've already beaten, right?


It's just a bummer - that amount would have put me over 4000 finally!




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You get gold in all difficulty levels also if you read 0 in the final report. It could be a synch problem, cause a couple of time it refreshed correctly after a while. Anyway my gold amount always grows also at normal and I bought 3 characters only repeating Story normal difficulty. In effect the Difficulty description in scenario selection clearly states the base amount you ll get (plus the 30-50 gold you earn in play).

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