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Skinsaw Man bug



I've encountered the villain with Amiri being alone. A 1d4 should be rolled to increase the checks difficulty. Instead a number instantly appeared (1 in my case), then I was shown the map with locations to temporary close. When closing Academy with Lini no dice were shown to roll. When I press the "Animal Trick" button a 1d4 die appears, the one that should be roilled by Skinsaw Man (see screenshot). It won't roll and can't be removed from screen (until I cancel the Animal Trick - then no dice are shown again). Blessings do nothing when played.

UPD While replaying scenario everything went fine - 1d4 was rolled, THEN the map appeared and I was able to close locations normally.


Playing on Samsung Note 10.1 2014 Edition (P600), Android version - 5.1.1. Game version -


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PFID  - 1DEC972E5F8A87C9

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