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priest of magran or eothas

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I cant decide if i want to play through the game as a priest of magran or a priest of eothas...


its gonna be a bit of everything, a buffer/healer but also fire damage dealer (that i want to focus on with scion of flame etc.) and also want to be able to dish out some damage or at least hold my own in melee (i dont care about min max i just want to have the most versatile character)


So eothas has a flail which attacks fast but hasnt high dr, but there are some decent flails... magran has the whole fire theme down and sword which despite being a bit boring (and i dunno about good swords in the game for a priest) has a bit higher dr and 2 damage types as well as a melee option which i like (tough dunno how useful since spells)....


What would you recommend me? Is there a lore or story reason that makes a bit difference when choosing one or the other?


Are flails gonna be useless later on because they are low dr or do they fit nicely due to speed cause a priest has usually higher dex?



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AFAIR, at the very least there is a sword that boosts accuracy of others against those you hit, assuming it’s working as intended.


Story-wise there is a reason to choose between the two, but it's spoilerish. Although the game does not really take full advantage of your choice here.


There is also a priest of Magran companion.

Pillars of Bugothas

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I played priest of Eothas for my first playthrough and I must say their role-playing was not so good as it should have been (no persecution or mocking with one small exception). It is improved somewhat in White March expansion through more dialogs and one meaning choice. Anyways, I would recommend priest of Magran because of lore. They have also more dialogs than Eothasian. For a weapon choice there are some good swords (one as a reward from a faction), but I would recommend soulbond sword in White March expansion which is very cool for priest (my favourite one except for St. Ydwen). If you decide to play as Eothasian only flails. Morning stars are terrible.

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For power-gaming side :


- Magran's weapon choices are better, especially because of arquebus which is excellent for support and alpha strike.

- Magran's bonus spell is better (but bonus spells are not that much game-changing, except early game)

- Eotas ultimate spell (8th tier, you'll get it at level 15) is the best of all gods. Magran's one is quite good too (fire-based, so good synergy with scion of flame), but less game changing.


Overall, I'd say Eotas is better because his ultimate spell is superior to everything you can get from other gods. But Magran is a good choice too, and very convenient early game.

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