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Cursor malfunction in combat mode



First time I noticed this bug during a fight with bears in Whitestone Hollow. When combat started, the cursor icon changed from standard to the picture of ability (without aoe circle), and clicking on character portraits/abilities/enemies resulted in no response. However, I was able to swithch characters with keyboard, what caused change of the ability picture on the cursor to different one. Managed to force attack order when pointed to a bear and pushed attack button on my keyboard few times. Then I regained and lost control few times, but I have no idea how.
After that I went to Dyrford to finish quest, where I made screenshot inside the mill. Problem occured again. Can't find cursor on the picture at all, but I swear it was on the closest Bleak Walker.
Controls outside combat mode was fine.


Save, just in case.




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Shadow Step is bugged.


Devil's Shadow Step is labeled Modal, but it's also a combat only ability and 1 for fight.

Once you activate Shadow Step in a fight, you can't disable it inside that same combat (1 use) or just after (combat only).

The next fight the attack icon (sword) changes into something else and the party becomes unresponsive.



Work-around 1:

Retrain Devil to remove Shadow Step.


Work-around 2:

In a fight, game not paused, Force Attack* Devil to auto-cast Shadow Step. That should give you back the control of the party. At this point Shadow Step should be in recharge, and with a counter of 1. Disable it.


*shortcut A - ignore the icon

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