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Foul Misgivings... glitch?



I attempted Foul Misgivings for the first time.  The first card I flipped was The Skinsaw Man.  I watched the cutscene, then passed the first check of 14.  Then, the card grew to fill the screen over a background of flames, with a Continue button.  Clicking the continue button, I was then presented a second Skinsaw Man card, requiring a check of 33 (!) to defeat.  When I didn't, my hand was reset, and then I was required to attempt the (presumably) second check of the original Skinsaw Man (16).  Having an empty hand, I did not pass that check.


I encountered Skinsaw Man three times over the course of the scenario and each time, saw this same pattern, although the check required to defeat the middle form of Skinsaw Man varied (28, then 30).


Since the description of the encounter doesn't appear to me to describe the extra Skinsaw check, I've been trying to determine whether this is intended behaviour I need to strategize around, an additional penalty for attacking Skinsaw without a second character at the location, or a bug or glitch.  I haven't encountered any description that includes the additional copy of Skinsaw Man.  Could somebody please confirm for me - how many checks does Skinsaw Man require to defeat?


Is the game messing with my sanity as part of the theme of madness in this scenario?

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