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Quest mode froze at spell reward



Game freezes at 22nd character spell reward. 11st spell is web then animation for next starts and game freezes. Does not matter which character I pick to draw next spell. Has quest mode froze as it always returns to that part of game. Would like to avoid starting over if possible.

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Hey Laserdad,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us. Could you please give us some more information. What characters were affected? Could you please upload a screenshot using dropbox/imgur so we can take a look? Also, if you could upload your save folder, that would be helpful as well. 


Getting game files:
Connect the Android Device to your PC.
Open Windows Explorer and open the device
Open the Android Folder, then data -> net.obsidian.pacg1 -> files
Copy the PACG1_SAVE_GAMES folder to your PC
Zip and send!


Thanks a bunch!

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I'm having basically the same issue with a level 19 spell reward. Selecting quest mode leads me down the same path every time, and I cannot get past it.


1) Victory message

2) Gold reward

3) Experience reward and level up rewards displayed.

4) Reward screen shows the back of a card.

5) Clicking the card removes the card and all that remains is shiny highlights where the card should be.


At this point, the game is effectivwly frozen - clicking the gear icon and hitting the phone's back button both do nothing. My only option is to kill the game. When I reopen the game, its as if steps 1-5 never occurred and clicking quest mode goes through them again. I do have level 40 characters in my party, so Im thinking this might be an issue with a level 4 spell, possibly Gozrehs Trident which I recently added to my vault.


Ill trt to upload the save games, but where do I send/upload them?

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Phones Are not supported so there is always bigger risk that something horrible happens.

Some people have been trying to click different character and the managed to get ahead in that screen. Also the arrow right does not sometimes clow and you still can go ahead. But if the gear icon or wault icon does not help, then there is big posibility that you have to restart. One thing is to wait the phone support, but it can take time and there is not quarantee that it will retroactively correct things.


I personally play quest mode very conservativaly, only using characters that Are at exacly same level, so there is less things that can go wrong. And Also be sure that none of the characters die in the quest mode, or at least forfeit immediately if that happens. The game still have some difficulties with different level characters at the same Group, thoug it is much, much better now than in the beginning.

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I have the same problem with a level 6 reward. Game freezes after reward for Valeros. There is no possibility to forfeit after victory, so I am stuck. 

Device: iPad Air, iOS 9.3.2
Logged in to GameCenter



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So I've got this same issue happening on a level 29 reward for fighter, using iOS.


Is this an acknowledged problem by the devs? I mean.. it's kinda made the game unplayable for me. I finished Story, and getting to max level in Quest was like my next and only goal, and now I can't continue playing at all. =/

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