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Giant difficulty increase and Warrens bug



I was playing in quest mode in normal difficulty. iPad air2.

Plase warrens, scenario power increase the Giant difficulty by D4.

Team Waleros, Kyra, Merciel, and Seoni.

It does not matter if the hero is alone or with someone else in the location.


When character encounter a giant in warrens, the roll animation appear, then all options disappear. No evade to Merciel, no backstab, no weapons. Only thing that works, is that you can zoom cards, select differerent character, you can go wault and the reroll the d4. And you can forfeit. But you can not kill that cheepesh coward giant who is waiting to get killed...

Warren is the last location open. Other minions does not cause trouples.





This may be related with these


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