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Supply and Demand - No Doemenel option with Maea



I reinstalled and started playing a few days ago and got to the quest "Supply and Demand"

I don't remember if I already had a good reputation with the Doemenels when I started this quest, but I sure had it by the time I went talk to the thugs in the locked house and then went back to Maea to try and get her to lower prices.

She told me about the possibility of getting a discount from the Doemenels but there was selectable conversation option to tell her i'd do it. Going to Bricanta Doemenel doesn't help either since there is also no option to talk about the Salty Mast.

The only options I have to finish the quest now require 17 or 18 Intelligence or 16 Resolve, and I wouldn't want to use those either.

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I played a game, got Maea to lower the prices, no problem.


As one of those guys that enjoy to reroll stuff, I did just that and when Im going to do supply and demand Im stuck with the same issue as op.

No option to lower the prices of bitterseed squash.


Also, after cursing after a couple of reloads and trying to fix it I gave in and just went with the 17 int option, after this I didnt even get the discount on 'services'.

So I guess this quest can bug in more ways than one.

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