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Game stuck



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Hey RedPred,


Could you please offer some insight on how the game got into this state? Was it due to exploring? What cards were used? Etc. Anything helps! Also if you are on a Android device, you can always send us the save files! Use dropbox or send it to support@obsidian.net 


Getting game files:
Connect the Android Device to your PC.
Open Windows Explorer and open the device
Open the Android Folder, then data -> net.obsidian.pacg1 -> files
Copy the PACG1_SAVE_GAMES folder to your PC
Zip and send!



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I have encountered four types of stuck condition:


1) the UI doesn't react to any tap. It happens after the 'fight' phase when I had to choose 'discard' or 'next char' (those buttons display active in the screen). Everything doesn't react to anything.


2) the ban of residual cards after closing the location stops at the beginning (before to pay gold). So could be a transaction issue with server or around that point.


3) the card of the first image I posted (sorry I don't remember the name) couldn't select the location deck. Also I could have tried to undo the card selection in that case. I m not sure


4) Char movement stuck [image not posted]:

    A) in the scenario with the challenge to collect allies, I could select any destination to move Mari but I couldn't enter any

    B) in the location with the boat and the movement at the end of turn, character were unable to move after the action phase.

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