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Patched and unable to start the game anymore (BlueStacks)



I could just see the 'download content' for the game, then start and crash during loading... 

Uninstalled, reinstalled and nothing again...

Just one little question.... why have you patched during the Saturday Night??


Moved data to tablet where auto-update is disabled...... and that will be for next month...


What's the stable desktop environment you use to test the game?

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No mate, this is an Android game with graphics mostly restriction for some devices, and BlueStack is a Samsung Android spec device emulator that works with 95%+ of apps. Yesterday it worked greatly, after the last patch not. This game has still a so limited compatibility cause they are building know-how on the Android os with limited asset. In effect game could be an alpha release


As developers implement the cloud for Quest mode (code reuse mostly) and the compatibility with a pc Android emulator, the love for this game of all our community will jump directly on cloud nine+

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Cloud for quest mode is guite propable addition. The interesting part is why there is not cloud save in there when it is in the story mode. There has to be something special that makes it harder to implement. Or maybe it was not seen as an important thing to do. Maybe multiplayer is only for story mode, so the quest mode does not need cloud save? Hard to say.

During the development of the game there has been several updates that causes some devices normal work any more and in the next or one after that it has started to work again. If you look the supported devices list, it is actually quite short, so They test this with very narrow amounth of devices, so no wonder that the compability disappear From time to time. No worry, Blue stack may start workin in few months again, or does not. Nobody can tell.

The phone compability is the next step for programmers according their chedule, so Expect to see better phone compability next.

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