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Repeating Henchmen after last patch

Deth Braedon


After the last patch, I have encountered this behaviour:


A character explores a location and encounters a henchmen.

After battling the henchmen (1st battle for a this-then-that henchmen), the game 'skips' with all discarded cards used having been removed from characters' hands but the henchmen not defeated and the character having the explore option (location deck has highlighted glow).

If the character explores, the henchmen is the top card but with all the discarded cards just used to defeat the henchmen gone, this is harder to win.

If the character wins this time, the game progresses just like you'd expect.

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I don't know it it's related, but yesterday, in the 2nd to last adventure of deck 3, when I lost against the Villain, he got duplicated. So, I ended up with 3 copies of him.  2 were in the same location, so when he was defeated, I didn't win the adventure since he was still in the location deck.

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