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I'm guilty of being a rogue lover........wow have I changed my mind

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I have played over ten play throughs and ever time I have rolled a rogue.


I am halfway through my current play through (without a rogue on POTD ) and it is so much easier.


The conclusion I have come to is that if you role a rogue you need a priest to keep him alive so even though the rogue is doing insane amounts of dps he is doing that at the cost of nearly 2 player companions because the priest spends a lot of him time baby sitting him. So in effect that is 2 characters doing all that dps that the rogue is out putting.


Also is you role a rogue also a lot of you party members will spend time trying to activate buffs and debuffs to set up deathblows. These other party members could be better of spending that time doing damage themselves or setting up buffs that don't revolve around deathblows.


My current party consist off:


Fighter melee tank hybrid

Paladin melee tank hybrid

Amua quick switch cipher / melee

Storms druid , good at both ranged and melee

Storm calling ranger

Ranged dps / cc wizard (not a blasting wizard) concentrates on getting all those talents that increase elemental damage



This is the easiest playthrough I have ever played and I'm really enjoying it. I don't need a priest beacuse I have no weak melee characters to babysit and my two front line tanks can handle themselves pretty well.



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"Rogue Lover... Rogue Lover.. this is more than a crush.. Rogue Lovaaa..."


or not... But the title of this thread inspired me in an unwanted fashion - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um99r6sgspY


Ahem.. anyhow. I hope I don't ended feeling the same as you after this playthru as I have a rogue in my party.. Though it's not exactly integral to the party.

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Sad but true. And for me the common fighter also falls into the category "to make this class really worthwhile, just replace it with a monk". ;)

His support abilities are not so great and too short ranged.


At least for PotD they both lack enough AoE capability to be effective for my playstyle.


They are quite strong in the early game though. The enemy groups are not so big and their good single target damage works without resources. Where wizards/priest/ciphers etc. don't have enough spells or focus yet the fighter and rogue just need to hit stuff to be good.

It's during the mid game when I feel they start to fall behind.


But there is a way to make a rogue very effective and great throughout the whole game: give him any ranged weapon, high MIG and INT plus Deep Wounds and he will be good with it (like always) and then give him quick switch and all the spell bind items with damaging spells. Spells with the rogue's high ACC and his improved crit effects are working good in general. But once you get Deathblows (which works with all damaging spells) your rogue will be doing ridiculous AoE damage. Deep Wounds works with all spells that do pierce, crush or slash damage, too. Once your per rest uses are empty let him use scrolls. Normally I have a ton of those and don't use them much.

He makes a great team with a wizard and priest then: cheap Binding Web + Painful Interdiction set up Deathblows in a huge AoE, then comes the rogue with critting Deathblow Fireballs (aka Direballs), Bounding Missiles, Overwhelming Waves and so on. If he's the main char and chooses Doemenel he can do critical Fireballs with +200% damage just from crits and Deathblows. And when he's out of spells or if the encounter is too cheap he just shoots away with his mean special weapons attacks and will still be very dangerous.


You can get 10 Fireballs per rest with duplicated Flames of Fair Rhian, Taluntain's Staff and Curoc's Brand. Then you can get 6 Sunbeams from the Sun-Touched Mail and that amulet I forgot the name of. You can have Blizzard from the White Spire and so on. Lots of spells for you. :)

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