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Quest vs Story Mode, which is saved online?

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I keep hearing random comments that Story mode is saved online but Quest mode is saved on the device.  Can devs clarify?


If quest mode is saved on the device, do you mean if I moved to a new tablet, my quest mode characters, levels and cards acquired is lost?  If that is the case, I'm not playing Quest mode.



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Story mode - Saved Locally and a Copy of it is saved online.  

Quest mode - Progression saved online, most of the Character data is saved locally.


That is because there is individual progression in Quest mode that is almost strictly related to specific information on level, feats, etc.  Online it keeps tabs progression in a particular scenario.


We are working on a tool that basically will keep all that data sync'd locally and online for both modes identically.


When that day comes we will also be able to seamlessly move that data between devices, platforms, and be able to restore any data lost locally should something bad that happens.


It will be soon.  When we took out the required Facebook login this was a casualty, unfortunately.

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