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Gogmurt won't fight Kyra



Playing with latest update.


Quest mode with Lem, Val, Kyra, in that order.  Scenario power is goblin difficulty increased by 1d4.  Kyra and Lem are at the Warrens and Gogmurt is only card there.  Val is at the closed Throne room.  All other locations are closed.  (Mountain Peak, Farmhouse, ?)


There is a roll to increase difficulty, and then I think Gogmurt is supposed to roll for damage, but nothing happens.  Exiting and re-entering the app does not help.  The roll for increased goblin difficulty happens again, but then I'm stuck.  Entering the vault and exiting again does not help.


I guess this is called a "progression break?"


device: ipad pro



edit: fixed an inaccurate statement, added device

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I got something very similar to this in quest mode today.


Party: Kyra, Seoni, Harsk in that order, no pass & play or permadeath

Scenario powers (nightmare):

- Difficulty to defeat goblins increased by 2d4

- When you acquire a spell/item/blessing bury a card

- When you defeat a monster roll 1d6, on a 1 you are dealt 1 fire damage


Location: Warrens, 9 cards remaining, all other locations closed

Kyra is in the Throne Room, Seoni and Harsk in Warrens (can't see other locations, map isn't available)


Harsk's first exploration of the turn finds Gogmurt.  Game rolls 2d4 to increase difficulty, modifiers UI updates to show Gogmurt's card restriction and difficulty modifier, then nothing happens.  No die are on screen and no cards can be played.  Going to and from the vault or main menu reset back to rolling the 2d4, but gets stuck in the same place.


Device info: Droid Turbo, Android 5.1

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Sounds like the same problem as reported here, and that has been fixed for the Shrine to Lamashtu with 1.3.5.




  • Quest Mode: A Progression break is fixed when encountering Goblins at the Shrine to Lamashtu when the Goblin Difficulty Increase power is active.


As both threads mention Warrens as the location, I suppose the Goblin Difficulty Increase is broken for that location as it was for the Shrine to Lamashtu.

Did it occur on any other location as well?

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