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Sajan's Zen Archer Reload skill not triggering



I have a Sajan level 31 in Quest mode, where I chose the Zen Archer role and the Reload power on reaching level 31.


On 3-4 separate combat checks with Sajan using the 'Venomous Shortbow +1' discard ability, I am not given an option to recharge the weapon instead of discarding it.  These combats were across multiple quests, different locations and monsters being fought.  


I did just check for this specifically to verify:

- Party of only Sajan, level 31 Zen Archer with the Reload power

- Normal difficulty Quest, scenario modifier of difficulty to defeat villain increased by 1 for each henchman that has been defeated

- Location: Woods

- 1) Encountered a Sneak monster

- 2) Succeeded initial Wisdom check unaided (rolled an 8 on 1d8)

- 3) For combat check I only discarded Venomous Shortbow +1.  No blessings or other modifiers were used.

- 4) Defeated the Sneak

- 5) The game continued with the normal prompts for using cards for additional explores or the green arrow on the right to end the turn.  The bow was in Sajan's discard pile with no prompt to recharge.



This is the only weapon I have on Sajan right now, so I haven't been able to check to see if this is a general problem with the Reload power or a specific issue with the Venomous Shortbow +1 weapon.



Device Info:

Droid Turbo running Android 5.1

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