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Gold for "Difficulty Reward" in Story Mode

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Kinda surprised by the gold distribution for story mode and the breakdown of such. For my party of 4, the "difficulty reward" for normal level is 100, no party size bonus. For heroic, the difficulty bonus goes up to 150, still no party size bonus, but in legendary - all of a sudden the "difficulty" bonus drops to 50 gold, but now there is a party size bonus.


Does this make sense to anyone? I would assume that difficulty bonuses should increase with, umm -- difficulty???  Still getting more gold for legendary because of the "party size bonus" but the award structure is not very intuitive.

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I think the reasoning is that the Legendary gold rewards are repeatable whereas the Normal and Heroic difficulty bonuses are not.  It is not quite intuitive, but at least this means that if it's your first time playing, you do not lose out on the party size bonus for Normal difficulty scenarios, which you can never replay (for a reward) with larger parties.


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Yep..its very counter intuitive.

The "bonus" part for the normal and heroic is a bit misleading if you are a new player.


It makes sense ( current scheme ) for them to breakdown as to not easily farm on legendary as most people pre-latest patch farm solo-legendary for gp.


1. Lessens total bonus gold from sure 200 to 50

2. Encourage larger party composition as it is more efficient (albeit harder) to farm gp storywise.

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My biggest issue, personally, is with the Story Mode vs. Quest Mode gold breakdown.  It doesn't make any sense to me.


Before the patch I was spending all my time in Quest Mode since I already completed all of my Story Mode adventures with every single character in 4 different parties.  Now that the gold reward in Quest Mode was nerfed to be lower than in Story Mode I'm kinda turned off of Quest Mode.


Currently, the best way to farm gold is to take a large party to a Tier B Story Mode adventure.  This is both very easy and gives you the best gold reward.  From a purely Extrinsic Reward perspective, a player should ignore Quest mode and just play through Brigandoom 1,000 times.


Quest Mode is more challenging because it scales in difficulty with your party level and you can't plan ahead for the scenario.  IMO Quest Mode should be the ideal farming location and should offer MORE gold than the story scenarios, because the difficulty is greater and it has a higher replayability.  At the very least it should offer the same amount of gold as a Story Mode mission.


The gold distribution for character number is fine.  A party of 6 is MUCH more challenging than a party of 4.  I personally thought that straight gold per mission was a fine system and this new change IMO will limit creativity with party size in an artificial way... before I was thinking of different 2-man or 3-man compositions to try out, but now I'm not even going to consider anything less than a 4-man party.

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