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Quest mode was just killed for me

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I was grinding quest mode for the past week after the patch notes were released expecting gold to jump up for higher parties. Previously story and quest mode gave 200 gold each. Now with the new patch quest mode gives 250 gold max, and story mode gives 350 max gold. Additionally I found story mode to be much easier to play overall compared to the randomness of the quest mode. Now with quest mode giving 100 less gold, I feel there is little incentive to quest, and will just grind story mode.


I already have near perfect characters in story mode (not quite there in quest) so grinding gold shouldn't be much of a problem. The only thing missing is lack of variety, but after so many hours of questing you see the same things over and over again.

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Why do you need to grind gold anyway?

Serious question.

Gold doesn't matter to me at all. I've lost gold twice due to bugs and restarting account.

So if gold is easy to come by, why does it matter if you are getting 100 less.

You're actually getting 250 more than if you didn't play the game at all.

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