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good suggestions for improvement



1)to make an icons in the folder in the form of a backpack-->for absorption of several types of food in one click.It is inconvenient to do it of stock especially when everyone has to allow to eat four dishes(It leads to loss of pleasure from game process)-->the icon can be not one.On one icon four dishes, on the second two for example(It isn't always necessary to eat four dishes).And on the icon it is possible to represent number of dishes in it.It is also possible to make also for the use of potions.


2)If I have three wizards and it is necessary to put me to everyone to one place damage by Arcane Assault-->everyone should attack separately that very inconveniently-->make please that at the choice of all three at once Arcane Assault could be used at once.

+ please clean that the template of Arcane Assault can't be imposed still previous magic attack I haven't hit the target!It is very important!

It leads to loss of pleasure from game process


3)Please clean dumping of the hidden mode after fight when you goes on locations where enemies. Very inconveniently, sometimes you forgets. It is necessary so, and not vice versa much more often. Add point such in settings.It leads to loss of pleasure from game process.Also clean dumping from the hidden mode after a dialog box at a meeting of spirits of the dead(It is added)


4)Add point in settings of behavior of AI what at the beginning of fight the character automatically would leave the hidden mode - it is necessary for the tank Chanter (What he would begin a singsong at once;To translate manually tires,it is possible to forget,it leads to loss of pleasure from game process)


5)Please finish algorithm of movement

 the character to the place of imposing of a spell or shooting attack:
-runs further than it is necessary
-with a big delay the fact that has made room for his pass reaches
-begins to run even if can't reach. Better let stands still and will report about it by voice and I am familiar any on a portrait of the character(a question mark for example)
It leads to loss of pleasure from game process.It is very important.
6)Make possible to impose spells on pieces of furniture and small obstacles (table)
7)Add to display of fiery damage Scion of Flame(and others everything that is:Heart of the Storm,Spirit of Decay,Secrets of Rime)
8)To make that during fight to ignore a door (there are such places where it is necessary to move near a door) and if it has to be not ignored that to allocate the button for this purpose.
It leads to loss of pleasure from game process.
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