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a few bugs



Maura's Writhing Tentacles:

1)do not attack automatically

2)you cannot configure the AI behavior(Essential Phantom too)-> 3)The setting for both(Maura's Writhing Tentacles,Essential Phantom) must be different.


Pull of Eora-bug?:

-Not only pulls but also throws


Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr:

1)Chat is not visible damage from raw damage type(Arcane Assault,Iconic Projection and so on)

2)Damage on the same enemy(8 Damage Reduction):20 damage(Blast,wizard)->one attack +0.8 damage?,another attack +4.3 damage->

->where stable 25%?


Scion of Flame:

1)does not work with the Shining Beacon-bug?

2)no description->is there any gain?->Combusting Wounds,Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr,Brilliant Radiance,Shining Beacon...


Warding Seal,Repulsing Seal(priest):

1)the accuracy on the display:52.The accuracy in the description:+0.--->Real 75(60(basic accuracy)+15(Incremental accuracy))

+wrong accuracy in the display->Pillar of Faith(priest),White Worms Writhed in the Bellies of the Dead(chanter)

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