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My last play through. Help from experts please

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I'm playing pillars one last time on POTD before I officially hang up my gloves in anticipation for tyranny to come out.


I'm not the decided yet on my 6 man party composition. Can you guys help me out with what you think are really interesting builds to play? What builds have you had a lot of fun with and why? Why where they fun.


Tell me your secrets......

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I had a lot of fun playing as a somewhat unoptimized monk on potd, the only must have abilities/ talents for me were the unarmed feats and flagellant's path (that move is ridiculously fun / useful).  


High might and resolve, with middling dex and con.  I designed my monk with a lot of defense (iron wheel for one) and then used rooting pain and retribution as aggro.  My active use abilities were stunning strikes, torment's reach, and swift strikes.  I skipped the upper level abilities to get both (neither skyward kick nor resonant touch terrible impressed me in action.  I think I got apprentice's sneak attack, because why would a melee character skip it?


The only armor I remember on him was the helm you assemble and that red plate you get from the bridge fight (by the way, whoever at Obsidian designed the bridge fight did a great job).


He was meant to be an off-tank, but I had more fun using three semi-tanks instead of one main.  He was the heaviest of the three, would go straight into the action, and then constantly cycle up and down wounds.  That way he's building resistances but he is always using torment's reach or strikes as the case may vary.  Very fun character, middling damge, lots of survivability.

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