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Pathfinder Adventures App: Feature Requests



1)  An option for fast dice, or no dice animations.  The animated dice are slower than real dice.

2)  A fast animation mode, where all animations run at like 4x current speeds.

3)  An option for "auto recharge" where if you would always succeed on the recharge, you can click recharge similar to how  a sorcerer recharges.  For the druid this should include revealing the animals.  

4)  An option for "always recharge" which does not prompt the user to recharge, just goes in to the recharge mechanic.

5)  Possibly some mechanic in quest mode, to give extra XP/reward for overkill'ing checks.

6)  An option to turn off messages about being logged in to receive gold.  The current popups are quite annoying when playing on marginal internet connections.

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