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TLDR - Apprentice sneak attack works, but does THE MERCILESS HAND talent work? or the +crit dmg helm?


So I know this talent is widely regarded as being too weak, especially on Potd where DR is high, but I just love it so much thematically, I'm trying to find a way to make it work.


So far I've tested;


Works :)

Zealous Focus 

Single wield Accuracy bonus

Apprentice Sneak Attack

Intterupts + Interupting Blows

Scion of Flame

Might Bonus

Vulnerable Attack


Doesnt Work :(

One-Hand Style (and so I assume, two hand style)

Weapon ACC enchants


Not Tested

Doemenel and item +crit dmg bonuses



Now I really hate that they added hand glow for the talented modals, they are so ugly. This prevents me from using vulnerable attack (the theme is FIRE but the hands glow like lightning XD - so unless u know a way to disable this (please 3.03 feature request!) that modal is OUT).


With 18 might + Apprentice sneak attack I'm getting crit 20 fire damage returned per hit w/ an interuppt opportunity (against zero DR target). To me this seems worth the talent point. Expose vulnerability cast by wizard has to replace VA sadly, both of them would stack If i could stomach it, meaning most targets would get crit for about 15 per hit.


It seems to get dmg out of this you need to Max your crit chance, VA and expose, thats obvious - BUT the point of this thread (cause too hard for me to test) is does the doemoenel crit bonus apply to Spell effects like this?




Very quick test suggests doemenels mercliess hand DOES work. Still, value from this is probably to be found in interupts not damage.

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Does it stack with a Potion of Flame Shield? If not, I wouldn't take it. If it does, then I would test a full retaliation Fire Godlike Darcozzi Paladin tank who is a Potion of Flame Shield addict. :)


Scion of Flame works with Battle Forged and the potion, so I assume it also works with Fires of Darcozzi Palace (edit: sorry, you already wrote it does, nice). It also works with Sacred Immolation and Flames of Devotion. Use the sabre "Flames of Fair Rhian" from the Endless Paths, wear the Amulet of Summer Solstice, a Ring of Searing Flames and put on the Sun-Touched Mail and you will be a really nice fire paladin. You will have 3 Combusting Wounds and 3 Fireballs plus 6 Sunbeams per rest, even 6 Fireballs if you later put Taluntain's Staff into your second weapon slot. Once you get surrounded use that potion and use Fires of Darcozzi Palace. Once you hit 50% endurance Battle Forged will also kick in. Add Sacred Immolation and nothing will attack you in melee morethan a few seconds. ;)


A lot of interrupts (5 retaliations with Battle-Forged, 4 without) and also good retaliation damage plus Sacred Immolation. Sounds really nice. Might as well work good enough without Battle Forged - that 50% endurance is annoying and you don't want to go there all the time. When you use Combusting Wounds on your surroundings foes who attack you will get up to 6 CW instances, each doing 100 base damage over time against 0 DR (5 per tick against 1/4 burn DR for 20 secs, MIG and INT bonuses work, stacks).


This should be a great mob tanker! :)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thanks Boeroer you're always the person here whose replies I'm waiting for!


My particular playstyle (for whatever reason) is very anti-consumables. Not just PoE, pretty much every rpg, if it costs gold and its not reusable, I seem to subconciously ignore it! Never thought to build around potion of flameshield.


Fire Godlike is a nice touch of course! But I hadnt thought about combusting wounds. Only problem is getting enough retalition items early. Azzuro never shows up for me (like...AT ALL).


How do u feel about the 1 hand accuracy bonus? 12 ACC on Flameshield worth not having the shield? I mean u DO get more retaliation procs when stuff doesnt miss you.

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You'd have to try out. Normally I always cry a bit when my paladins don't have small shields ;), but in this case it could be worth it. I also think Scared Immolation gets +12 ACC when you fight one-handed. So... could be that the fight is over so quickly that it might be better to not use a shield. Also depends on the rest of your party I guess.


But normally you're better off with a shield. It's very difficult to raise deflection into such heights that you don't get hit at all in PoTD. You will get more grazes instead of hits, and that's what every guy with retaliation wants: to get barely scratched and then retaliate. It's way better for your health. ;)


And since you might want to max MIG and INT and also PER and can't afford to dump CON you can't raise RS to max anyway I assume.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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