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[3.03] Confident Aim + loading damage bug

Loren Tyr


I encountered an issue with Confident Aim, which upon loading causes the fighter to do considerably more damage than he should (both melee and ranged). For example, when testing a bit with Eder + Mace, which should do 13 - 19 damage on a hit before DR, damage on a hit was consistently in the 20 - 30 range (before DR). 


The issue seems to be due to an error when loading. When initially taking the Confident Aim talent, damage is normal. Subsequently saving and loading causes the bug to manifest. It doesn't stack, subsequently saving and loading again doesn't increase it further, which suggests it goes wrong when loading rather than saving.


I further confirmed this by reverting back to 3.02. Here I could not reproduce the issue, by reproducing the process (levelling up and taking CA, saving and loading). Moreover, the same 3.03 save that in 3.03 immediately manifests the bug does not do so in 3.02. Conversely, once I switched back to 3.03 beta a 3.02 save with Confident Aim equipped Eder did again manifest the bug.


I still have all the corresponding save games, should they be needed.

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I would be extremely happy if this could be worked out before the actual 3.03 release. I'm currently playing a fighter on 3.02 for the sole reason that there were no bugs for the class and no planned rehashes - I think you're running into issues when your player base, even if it's a minority, is selecting classes on that basis. I've still yet to complete this game since v1.0, due to all the bugs that have been around since its release.


Please, don't introduce a new bug for 3.03 and ruin some solid enjoyment I'm finally getting out of the game.

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