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Anyone else play Dungeon Dice?

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Another completely off topic post.


So, on Kickstarter I've backed this game Dungeon Dice in all of its expansions so far. They are taking suggestions for new dice for their final expansion on their BGG thread (https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1595656/final-expansion-requests).


Has anyone else played this one?


The owner of Potluck is pretty awesome, I've had a few of my ideas incorporated in the game so far (as well as in the unofficial FAQ).

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I've never gotten through the rules.   They seemed a bit too abstract without the pieces in front of you. 


It is, the rules are a constant irritation. During the next Kickstarter there will be a comprehensive rules book.


It doesn't have the campaign appeal of Pathfinder, but it is a pretty fun randomized dungeon runner.

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