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Any updates on the iphone version?

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It is... The real question is how high...

Steam or phones? New content or bug fixes? And so on. There Are so Many things that has to be done and Somehow be balanced.

But if I have to ques. Phone support is quite high, next there will be new contents and some upgrades. Quest will get something new and some new content to sell. Then multiplatform and then some more content and then Steam and expanded multiplayer. But this is just wild quess ;-)

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Phones are very high on the list of things we are working on.  I even hope to have something reviewed internally this week.


In the meantime we will be having another patch fixing issues and giving more content really soon (like really really soon, /looks at watch) and likely another content patch right after phones.


Steam is on the list but after phones in priority for now.

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