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Treasure chests (locked cards) in real card game

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In the physical game all packs have a fixed set of cards and there are no rarities (so you only need to buy each pack once). You can additionally get "class packs" that include a few special cards not in the core boxes (or their adventures packs), but those packs also contain a fixed set of cards (IE - all 'Bard' class packs contain the exact same cards that are geared towards a bard). The class packs also contain alternate characters of that class to play (which all come in the one pack).


Aside from that there are a few promo cards from gencon, etc.

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Could someone explain are there something similar to treasure chests in real/paper card game or all cards (including legendary, rare, etc) are available to players from the beginning?


No, The treasure chests in this game are all bonus cards that Obsidian has added. Some of these cards are from different sets (Skull & Shackles, Class Decks, etc.) and may be available at a point in the future without chests. Other cards are wholly created by Obsidian and not at all available in the physical game (although I would love it if we could get some printed...).

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