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Into The Mountains (Heroic): Necromancer Damage bug PLUS Incorrect Bury triggers



Device: Hudl 2

OS: Android 5.1



Pass&Play: OFF

Permadeath: OFF

Mode: Story

Party Members: Merisiel, Kyra

Turn Order: Merisiel, Kyra

Scenario: Into the Mountains

Difficulty: Highest


I'm losing the will to live with this one as there appear to be so many bugs that I can't tell one from the other and investigating them is so unrewarding because there's no chance of succeeding in the Scenario.


CAVEAT: I'm aware of the Necromancer Damage bug, this appears to be something in addition/combination.


However, here's what I observe:


At some point I start getting both Bury *and* Necromancer Damage triggering almost regardless of the outcome of an encounter - whether I gain a Boon, or defeat a Foe. The ND due is rolled, then Bury is triggered, then the damage is applied.


I can't figure out what the trigger is, but the scenario doesn't initially have this behaviour, something happens and then it does it that way for the rest of the scenario. I *think* that the triggers *might* be gaining a Blessing and/or defeating a Henchman (and I think it has to be a Henchman that isn't one of the scenario henchmen - can't remember how this happens, some sort of summoning).

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Yes, I'm aware of that bug, but this appears to be a combination, with *both* effects triggering inappropriately.

The bug is with the damage being triggered on a bury card wildcard event, and the devs already said it is fixed in the next patch; a workaround for now is to forfeit any game with those wildcards and try to get a game without (thats how i got through legendary).


The damage triggered from killed henchmen other than those from the scenario though doesnt appear to be a bug, is as written; nasty, but survivable.

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No, I'm aware of the Necromancer Damage bug - as I pointed out to the previous poster who made the same comment. The problem that I was experiencing is that *both* Bury *and* Necromancer Damage are triggering incorrectly.


I defeat a monster - I Bury a card

I succeed at a check - I take ND

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IIRC it is Full Pack + one other. Presumably the other is the one that gives Necromancer Damage. I'll see if I can get it to happen again and record the wildcards. It's weird because the ND dice roll animation happens, then the Bury triggers, then the damage animation fires, followed by damage resolution.

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Running with Into the Mountains, Night Approaches, Painful Memories:


At the Shrine to Lamashtu: Kyra encountered Blessing of the Gods, immediate trigger of D4 rolling animation, discarded 2 cards, buried card, took 2 damage/discard Sidhedron Medallion; Merisiel took 1 damage with "Into the Mountains" being the ongoing effect. Henchman? What henchman, it was a Blessing that triggered it!


At the Shrine to Lamashtu: Kyra encountered a Henchman, defeated henchman with Impaler of Thorns and Blessing of the Gods, Into the Mountain dice roll triggered, then the Bury 1 was triggered (with Into the Mountains still showing as the ongoing effect), then Kyra took 4 Necromancer damage; Merisiel then took 3 Necromancer damage with Into the Mountains showing as the ongoing effect. This was particularly annoying as Merisiel had set herself up to a Henchman on her next turn (by using Kohl of Uncanny Discernment), so that was screwed.


At Woods: Merisiel encountered a Henchman, defeated Henchman by Recharging Throwing Axe +1 and a Blessing, Necromancer's Damage was rolled, then Bury 1 was triggered while the ongoing effect indicated was Into the Mountain, then she took 4 damage and died (would have been OK, it the Bury hadn't triggered!); Kyra took 4 Necromancer Damage with Into the Mountain showing as ongoing effect. This is getting very, very frustrating as I'm losing because of unpredictable and erroneous discard/bury effects.


So the first of these instances was the expected and previously reported bug with incorrect triggering of Into the Mountains Necromancer Damage. However, the second one is an example of the point that I'm trying to make with this post: inappropriate triggering of the Bury 1 for an apparent trigger of Painful Memories, though no triggering gain had occurred. The third example was another inappropriately applied Painful Memories (though it was never shown as the ongoing effect).


I hope that helps provide the information that you need. I'm probably going to put the game on hold now until you guys come up with a major fix because I can't progress story mode due to this set of bugs and I can't progress Quest mode because that's stuck due to the bug where you can't complete the rewards screen. My game is dead in the water, other than helping you fix stuff if there's something that needs doing to collect data, I'm done with it.

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