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[3.03 Beta] The Old Queen and the new King Major Bug + Sugestion.




1st part: I am playing the beta patch and i've encountered a pretty big bug relating the quest The old queen and the new king.​I accepted the quest  from Galawain and gone to the temple where i took the key to reach Sul and Orenos. ​Then instead of continuing the quest, I took the quest to free the Fangs woman from noomfrost. When I returned with the woman and took the reward, I noticed that there was a Fight going on. My combat Log showed that Sul was fighting the other lions (and she died). You can see from the savefile bellow that she is already dead and i never explored that part of Glawain's maw. After that I decided to kill Orenos too. I went where Sul should be, just to find her dead and Orenos fighting a Group of lions and the npc who take care of Sul. When I reached them the npc responsible for Sul started talking to me, wich lead to a broken cutscene where Orenos should Show up, but he didn't (because he was fighting near me). After that I killed everyone and the quest proceeded normally.


2nd: This is more of a sugestion, I don't think it's a bug. Secrets of Rime could afffect Iconic Projection and Symbol of Wael, Those spells really could use that bous from the Talent. Also this Talent would stop to be almos useless if that was the case.


3rd: This is a minor bug, sometimes the halt spell causes the nemy to leave and return combat like crazy, making a very annoying noise from him  reentering combat 3 times each second (thi bug is not consistent and is hard to reproduce.


4th: The quest to kill fampyr Raedric gave me 7k exp (in a solo game), wich is weird if you think on how easy this quest is for a priest main character. Is that correct or is another minor bug?


5th: Is infestation of maggots fixed?


(Edit: Text correction)

Thanks in advance


Save for the first case:


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I'm going to guess that our fix for this issue is not retroactive. The issue with Orenos spawning on the opposite side should no longer occur for new saves.




[Edit] As of build 1037 (beta patch 3.03)

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